Electronic Signatures Now Available

Dealer Direct, a department of First Community Bank, is proud to announce that customers now have the option of signing their contract electronically using DocuSign.

First Community Bank began using DocuSign in early 2020, and Dealer Direct began the testing phase with the product in the fall of 2020. After testing this product with a select few dealerships for several months, the department is now offering DocuSign signatures to all dealerships.

DocuSign allows customers and dealerships the convenience of signing their loan documents using their phone, tablet, or computer. After signing, all parties receive a digital copy of the signed documents to keep for their records. Not only is this method of signing convenient, but it is also environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need for paper copies.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to work with DocuSign signatures and even more excited to introduce this product to our network of dealerships. We have had several dealers request electronic signing, and I’m pleased to now tell them that we are capable of accepting electronic signatures using DocuSign. With Covid-19 still very active in the United States, I know that DocuSign will help customers and dealers feel more comfortable with their transactions since it will reduce the amount of close contact and transferring of documents between individuals. I look forward to seeing all of the benefits of using this  this new option!” – Kaisha Gott (VP Dealer Direct)


January 16, 2021

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