Ealerts Now Available For Customers


Dealer Direct, a department of First Community Bank, will now be offering eAlerts to our customers.

Customers can opt to receive alerts via SMS text message and email for the following notifications:

·        Loan payment due in 9 days

·        Loan Payment Received

·        Past Due Payment

This service will be offered to both new and existing customers.

“We are excited to offer eAlerts to our customers. It will be a great option for those who simply need a reminder of a payment being due and for those who prefer to receive a notification when a payment is made. We understand how easy it is for a payment due date to sneak up (and in some  cases, even pass by) without your realizing it, so these alerts will be very helpful for those who want that extra reminder. By making this option available to our customers, we are hoping to see fewer late payments due to the customer accidentally forgetting the payment.”- Kaisha Gott (AVP Dealer Direct)

June 20, 2018

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